Document Raw Beauty And Authentic Love…

Capturing Moments as they happen

As Trichy leading birth photographers, we bear witness to incredible transformations. The amount of emotion that takes place when a baby is born is magical. We document raw beauty & authentic love. Our goal is to help create memories that last a lifetime.



Add on’s are available on top of the packages listed below

Newborn Shoot at Home : Rs. 25,000

Newborn Birth Announcement Video Showreel : Rs. 3,000

Parents Portraits – Pictures of Parents & Newborn
Add-on Package #1 – Single Costume – 15 Digital Photographs – Rs. 5,000
Add-on Package #2 – Single Costume – Includes Mother’s Outfit – 25 Digital Photographs – 3 Edited Photos – Rs. 10,000
Add-on Package #3 – Two Dress Changes – Includes Mother’s Outfit – 50 Digital Photographs – 6 Edited Photos – Rs. 15,000

Prices inclusive of GST



2 newborn set-ups

> Costumes

→ 2 Newborn Outfits Included

> Photographs
→ 50 digital photographs
→ 10 high resolution retouched digital images

> Products / Prints
→ Portfolio USB Box with 10 edited images mounted on 5×7″ mount boards



3 newborn set-ups

> Costumes

→ 3 Newborn Outfits Included

> Photographs
→ 75 digital unedited photographs
→ 15 high resolution retouched digital images


> Products / Prints
→ 10 page Matt Photo Album – 10 photographs from retouched images – 10x8in
→ Epson Enhanced Matte paper print from retouched images – print size 24x16in – frame thickness 0.75in

→ Personalized Leather Pocket Box – 6x5in



4 newborn set-ups

> Costumes
→ 4 Newborn Outfits Included

> Photographs
→ 100 digital unedited photographs
→ 20 high resolution retouched digital images

> Products / Prints
→ Wooden Memory Box – 12x9in – 10 photographs from retouched images printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper
→ Epson Enhanced Matte paper print from retouched images – print size 36x24in – frame thickness 0.75in

→ Personalized Leather Print with Birth Stats – 16x14in



5 newborn set-ups

> Costumes
→ 5 Newborn Outfits Included

> Photographs
→ 150 digital unedited photographs
→ 25 high resolution retouched digital images

> Products / Prints
→ Personalized Leather Display Box 15x12in – 10 photographs from retouched images printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper
→ Personalized Leather Print with Birth Stats – 24x16in
→ Epson Enhanced Matte paper print Single Frame Collage from retouched images – print size 36x24in – frame thickness 0.75in
→ Epson Enhanced Matte paper print from retouched images – print size 24x16in – frame thickness 0.75in


Our collection has over 180 dresses sourced from all over the globle.

Our maternity dresses are offered complimentary to our clients taking any of our maternity photoshoot packages

We tie-up with various global maternity dress vendors and, in exchange for their dresses, we do share our pictures online on various platforms. If you are using our dresses, you explicitly grant us permission to share the pictures online on our social media, website, magazines, competitions, newspapers, and/or other platforms where we showcase our work. We will however be sensitive to the event and, if requested in the shoot booking form along with the event date, will only share the images post child birth.

Birth Deserves to be Celebrated

The day your child comes into the world, it changes everything. The rise of birth photography has been welcomes by many, including the vast number of excited photographers who are super keen to capture this amazing journey.

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Let’s Plan Your Big Day!

A few years ago photography dint had so many different genre as we have today, a photographer who generally takes wedding photography would become the one stop shop for all your photography needs, today things have changed, along with wedding photography, kids photography have grown and have taken new shapes and it has become a serious category in photography. 

Love Stories Preserved

MOM2MINI Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, children, and birth photography. They provide services in the Delhi, NCR region

Your Memories … Your Story

The photos from your labor and delivery are a beautiful reminder of one of the most important days of your life.

Captured Simplicity

WE capture unmatched strength, raw beauty, and authentic love. Because regardless of how or where you give birth…we believe your birth day will be one of the most powerful days of your life

Timeless Adventure

The second your baby is born, you go through a transformation. Just seconds ago, your baby was inside of you. And now your baby is looking you in the eyes and making the first connections that will last a lifetime.

The Story of Beginning

Perhaps more fundamental and profound than any other story, Is the story of beginning. Beginning to breathe… Beginning to see… Beginning to understand this life, this love.

Capture the Moment

A moment so powerful and vivid full of so many different feelings. Your body and mind are full of love, pain, anger, happiness, fear, hope. A special event that can hardly be described by words if you have never experienced or witnessed it.

It is the first gift you will give your baby

We capture the moment when you became parents .. when you were so mesmerised by a tiny family member you have created .. Birth Photography is pure photojournalism. There is no posing or directing. There is no other time in a person’s life that compares to when they welcome their baby into the world. Our aim is to capture the love, beauty, and emotions that surround birth. Having a birth photographer is a special experience as captures the story of birthing from a different perspective. While you are overcome with myriad emotions of anticipation, anxiety and physical pain, the photographer captures every emotion that crosses your face before and after birth. This may include moments while your husband is supporting you while in labour.

Holding you hand, massaging your back, motivating you or even freaking out, you have It all preserved to savor once you are back home and settled with your bundle of joy You and your loved ones will be able to look back at this journey of capturing the birth and see your strength and power as well as the tender moments in those first few hours of life. Birth Photography is a beautiful gift to share with your family.